Why Choose Kars4Kids?

  • Fast pickup

    Free and quick pickup of your in-kind contribution.

  • Trustworthy Organization

    Your gift in kind is in capable hands – over 250,000 donors have trusted us with their car donation, attesting to our dependable service.

  • Polish your public image

    Show your care about education by displaying the Kars4Kids badge and logo on your website and social media pages. We’ll also include your company name in our public relations materials and on our website.

  • Do Good

    Everyone wants a part in making our world a better and safer place for our kids. Non cash contributions to Kars4Kids is the perfect way to do just that. Your gift in kind goes directly toward positively impacting a child’s education and life!

Benefits of In-Kind Contributions

  • In-kind donation tax deduction

    With your gift in kind donation to our 501(c)3 nonprofit charity, you will receive a fully tax-deductible receipt so that you can take the maximum tax deduction allowed by law.

  • Increase warehouse capacity

    Save storage space for the inventory it's needed for. Donating your unused goods frees up limited warehouse space for new stock.

  • Eliminate excess inventory

    Donate surplus inventory, slightly imperfect or short-dated merchandise while reducing hassle and gaining a tax deduction.

  • Corporate social responsibility

    A corporate contribution will establish your company as one that cares about giving back to the community. It’s a public-relations opportunity that you can’t afford to ignore.