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land donation testimonial"I was not going to develop the land, so decided to donate. It was easy and if it helps someone out, that is even better."
--Lee R., Henderson County, TX

  • Stop wasting money on land you won’t use From maintenance to association fees, state violations and property taxes, why pour money into an unwanted property you are not benefitting from?
  • Save on your taxes By donating to a nationally-recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, you'll receive a tax-deductible receipt for the appraised value of your property.
  • Hassle-free, simple donation process Our team of property donation specialists will guide you through the entire process. The transfer is usually completed in about a month.

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We accept land donations nationwide

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Vacant Land
Empty land is often a prime candidate for donations. Whether you bought it at a tax sale, for investment or received it as a inheritance we can put the land to use at our charity.

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Developed Property
Whether it's commercial, residential, multi-family, single units, donating property may be the right option.

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High Maintenance Property
Skip the high cost and hassle of maintaining your property. Avoid violations and ordinances.

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Zoning Issues
Properties with zoning issues may also be of value to the Kars4Kids charity.

Easy, 3-step process

Submit your property info. We take over from there. We’ll run a standard review on the property, send the closing documents to you or your lawyer to sign. We will take care of the deed transfer and recording, notifying all necessary state and municipality authorities to complete the transfer.

3 steps to donate land

quotation markThe turnaround time from the online submission of the form until I was contacted was extremely fast.

land donation testimonial  Lior, Atlanta GA

quotation markPlans for development changed so I donated my land. Charity benefits the welfare of others.

land donation testimonial  Michelle, buskhill pa

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Support education with your land donation

By giving to Kars4Kids, a Jewish nationally-recognized nonprofit, you’ll receive a tax-deductible receipt for the full appraised value of the donated land.

The Kars4Kids' vision is to give our children the ability to succeed in life. We focus on educational, mentorship and year-round programs for our children, their families and their communities. We rely on thousands of volunteers to help us change the world, one child at a time.

Be a Mentor Volunteer


Can I donate land that has a house or structure on it?
Yes. Kars4kids accepts land as well as properties with houses.

How long does the process to donate property take?
If all papers are in order, and the title is clear of any issues, the process typically takes between 3-6 weeks.

There are no utilities in the vicinity of the land. Will you accept the donation?
Yes, though each property needs to be evaluated on an individual basis.

What tax benefits will I get by donating land to charity?
When you donate land to a charitable organization, you can deduct the full fair market value of your property from your taxable income. According to the IRS (Publication 561) the fair market value is determined by an appraisal (for a property valued at $5,000 or more), which can be done by any qualified real estate appraiser.

If I own a small piece of land, but it may not be buildable, can you accept it?

Do I need to be present at closing?
No. We will mail you all the necessary documents for you to sign.

Will the land be used for conservation?
The land will generally not be used for conservation. Kars4Kids uses the proceeds from the donated land to support our educational programs.

Will I be charged any fees?
Kars4Kids will pay all closing and recording fees. In order to receive your tax deduction, you’ll need an appraisal on the house. According to IRS regulations, Kars4Kids cannot pay for the appraisal. If you already have an appraisal, you do not need to get another one.

How does Kars4Kids determine the approval of a land donation?
At Kars4Kids, our team of specialists review each land donation offer we receive, to ensure that the charity can benefit from the donation. We analyze a variety of different factors to maximize the potential of every property donation.

Why should I donate land to Kars4Kids?
By donating your parcel of land to Kars4Kids, you have an opportunity to contribute to childhood education, ensuring that our children develop into productive and effective members of society.

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