The Kars4Kids Story

26 years

since we launched


cars donated

$100 M

to charity programs
Over 200 campers and staff from the kars4Kids summer camp TheZone holding a Kars4Kids banner

Kars4Kids makes donating to charity easy. Be it cars, boats or real estate, we pride ourselves on making the donation experience a pleasure. Our car donation program was born of a single brainstorm we had back in 1994. Rather than rely on private donations and traditional fundraising methods to support our growing charity, we’d provide a public service that would send a steady stream of revenue directly to our charity programs. We also made the decision to process all car donations in house, allowing the full proceeds of each donation to go directly to our charity programs.

Since Kars4Kids was founded in 1995

  • $100 million raised for charity
  • 450,000 cars were donated
  • 240,000 cars recycled
  • 1,000 towers in our network

Some of our proudest accomplishments

  • 32,000 touched through our programs
  • 5,000 people in our mentoring program
  • 40+ chillzone after school centers
  • 2 campuses where we host our year round events.

Our jingle earned us nationwide recognition

Our network of dedicated and talented volunteers is our best-kept secret. As with all else at Kars4Kids, we owe the success of our jingle to a small group of creative volunteers who composed the lyrics and set it to its catchy tune. We recorded the jingle in house, keeping production costs low.

Airing first on radio stations on the East Coast, the jingle took off, wildly exceeding our expectations. Today, our jingle airs on over 50 stations in 14 major US markets and is estimated to reach 50 million listeners daily. Some love it and others hate it, but one thing’s certain: no one ever forgets it!

Watch: The New York Post airs a "then and now" video featuring all the child stars from the Kars4Kids jingle.

Rock Version

Classic Version

Infographic of year-round programs designed to build kids through education and mentorship
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Our Charity: Building youth through education and mentorship

We invest in children because they are our future. That may sound cliché but it’s undeniably true. Our mission is to give children the opportunities and support they need to develop into productive members of their communities. Mentorship is the heart of all of our programs. We surround our youth with a solid network of always-available mentors who become involved in all the major aspects of the children’s lives. Because family and community have such a significant impact on a child’s life and growth, we take a big-picture, inclusive approach to achieve our goal. Our programs include educational services, youth mentorship and development, community and family outreach and cultural events. With Kars4Kids summer camps and extracurricular programs, holiday retreats and educational resources, we are there for our children throughout the year.

Kars4Kids is a registered nonprofit Jewish organization who, together with Oorah, our sister charity, helps thousands of children. Learn more about our charity, financials, board and team.

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