Kars4Kids Matching Gift Program

Double your Donation at no cost to you!

Many companies offer matching gift programs that match dollar for dollar donations made by their employees. And best of all, you double your impact on the life of a child!

How it works

      Search for your company on the left
      Depending on your company’s policy, you will need to fill out an online or paper form. Include the following info below:
    Charity name: Kars4Kids
    EIN: 22-3746050
    President: Eli Mintz

    Look up your receipt here or
    call customer service at 877-KARS4KIDS

    Mailing Address
    Attn. Matching Gifts
    1805 Swarthmore Ave
    Lakewood, NJ 08701
      Follow your company's instructions for submitting the form. They may have you submit it to them or to Kars4Kids.
      You are done! We take care of the rest. Your company will send its matching donation directly to KarsKids and your donation will have helped twice as many people.
Questions? Contact Connie Horowitz
email: connie@kars4kids.org
call: 877-527-7454 x 284

Frequently Asked Questions

Employee matching gift programs are corporate giving programs.

For example, you donated your car to Kars4Kids and your donation is worth $500. The company that you work for has a matching gift policy which matches an employees charitable donations at a ratio of 1:1. After you submit your matching gift form, your company will double your donation by writing a check for an additional $500 to Kars4kids.

It's a quick and easy way to double your donation!
After receiving your receipt, search for your company in the search bar above and follow the instructions.
Yes! It's not too late to apply for a matching gift! Many companies allow employees to submit match requests for 1 year following the date of the donation.
It's still possible that your employer will match your donation, even if you don't find your company on our list. Check with your company's HR manager and ask if your donation can be matched.
For questions regarding your company's program policies, please contact your employer's HR department.

For questions regarding submitting and verifying a matching gift request please contact Connie at connie@kars4kids.org or 877.527.7454 x 284