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Looking for an easy way to donate your car & get a tax deduction in California?

You’ve come to the right place! At Kars4Kids, we make vehicle donations simple so that you can get in, get out, and still make it to your pilates class on time.

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Free towing

Love keeping things basic, we do too. Contact us & we’ll come tow your car, absolutely free of charge!

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Quick turnaround

We guarantee crazy fast pickup, sometimes even within 24 hours, so you can rest easy.

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Tax deduction

Write off your car! Donate your vehicle & receive a tax deductible receipt equal to the value of your vehicle.

How to donate your car in California; A Breakdown

We can show you how to donate your car in four simple steps! Don’t believe us? Just watch.

Cost: $0

What you need to donate: Provide us with basic info about your car

Time it takes: 2 minutes

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01Tell us about your car

But don’t sweat it, because we accept all kinds of vehicles- even those without a pink slip, in a non-operational state, or with expired registration. Kars4Kids doesn’t discriminate!

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02Schedule a free pickup

With our experienced team of tow-truck drivers based all around California, you can expect us quickly, sometimes even the same day. Mmhm.

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03Receive a tax write-off

Your tax deduction is based on the sale price of your car. We work hard to sell your car for the best price, which means more funds for charity and a bigger tax deduction for you. See Tax Deduction at a Glance to see how much money you’ll earn on your car donation.

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04Help Kids

Your donation helps fund Kars4Kids youth programs. Your donated car can change lives! As a 501(c)3 charity, when you donate to us, you’ll receive a tax receipt within 2-4 weeks. Plus, we’ll send you packing with a free vacation voucher! Pretty sweet, huh?

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700,000+ donors trust us with their car.

Recent California donations

Your California car donation helps

When you donate your car to Kars4Kids, the top car donation program, your used car benefits this national charity and its thousands of beneficiaries.

There’s a reason donors in California and throughout the U.S. consider Kars4Kids the best place to donate a car.

We fund educational, developmental, and recreational programs for youth around the country; and now, you can too. When you donate your car to our charity, you help us with our goal of fostering a generation of well-balanced, productive adults.

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Get rid of your car the easy way with Kars4Kids!

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Education Programs

Through year-round educational youth development and mentoring programs for children and their families, Kars4Kids helps thousands of children develop into productive members of their community. Learn more about what we do and see our charity programs here.

Kars4Kids Grants

California? We love it. Many Californian charities have been helped through our Kars4Kids’ grant program. Donate your car and help fund your local community organizations.

Donor Testimonials

We get it. You don’t want to take our word for it. Hey, that’s cool. Kars4Kids has thousands of satisfied donors who can vouch for us.

Rob J.
Rob J.
Hayward, CA

Awesome! It was user friendly - timely - it helped me more than you could imagine!! Thank You Guys!!

I donated my
Julia R.
Julia R.
San Francisco, CA

Donated my car, great communication and support, they were able to pick it up within 2 days, super easy pick-up and had my tax voucher within 1 month.

I donated my
Eboni W.
Eboni W.
Ontario, CA

This process was simple and flawless. Glad I got to donate for a great cause.

I donated my
Mario R.
Mario R.
San Francisco, CA

Trouble free and quick response.

I donated my

Frequently Asked Questions

For a full list of frequently asked questions check out our faq section

The iconic hondaAccord

is the most popular car donated in LA

An average of26,000+

cars are donated from LA each year

Our Areas of Service

We pick up from all over California.

We cover the entire California

Sun - Thu: 7 am - midnight EST
Fri: 7 am - pm EST
Sat: 2 pm - midnight EST

Financial disclosure: Kars4Kids is exempt from tax under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and qualifies for the maximum charitable contribution deduction by donors. Our Federal Identification Number is 22-374-6050.

Any information on this page related to state laws and title requirements is correct to the best of our knowledge. But because this kind of information is liable to change, please check with your local motor vehicle authority for current guidelines and requirements.

Donate your car in California.

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