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Here’s what our donors had to say about how donating went for them.
P.S. we didn’t make these up! They're all real donors, with real experiences.

Salomon F.
Prompt service; good website
By Salomon F., Lakewood  NJ (I donated a 1990 Lincoln Town Car)

Prompt service; good website

Marsali S.
Made my donating experience very easy
By Marsali S., Stanhope  NJ (I donated a 2000 Saturn S-Series)

Kars for kids was awesome. Made my donating experience very easy. Next time I won't look to donate anywhere else.

Joan B.
Kars4kids was easy for me to find on the internet
By Joan B., Great Meadows  NJ (I donated a 1999 Isuzu Rodeo)

Kars4kids was easy for me to find on the internet. It took only a few minutes to fill out form and hit send. I got an email immediately.. Thank you for your service.

Mrs. Becker

How your car helps

Our charity programs are the essence of what we do. We are thankful to be able to give back to many local communities across North America and to bring educational opportunities to so many children, with the help of our sister charity Oorah. We're a registered nonprofit Jewish organization. Learn about what we do and see our charity programs here.

Kars4kids Mentor Program
The Kars4kids Vision

Our vision at Kars4Kids is to enable our children to succeed throughout life. We achieve this goal through a gamut of educational, mentorship and year-round programs for our children and their families and communities. With a network of thousands of volunteers, we strive to change the world, one child at a time.

Charity Coat Distribution

The thought of parents not being able to bundle up their little ones in the frigid months because of the financial challenge is chilling. We do all we can by annually organizing winter coat giveaways. In recent years we have partnered up with a range of community leaders such as Senator Corey Booker and Tunnel 2 Towers Foundation ensuring outreach to those communities that are most in need.

After School Programs

We run an impressive amount of nationwide after-school programs. Each program has dedicated volunteers and mentors, awesome activities and lots of great kids. As many programs as we have we can't cover all locations. Therefore, Kars 4 Kids encourages others to start their own programs. This comprehensive start up guide is for people interested in helping kids in their own communities.

Kars4Kids on Guidestar
Top Rated Nonprofit
Approved Website

Still have questions?

The amount you can claim from the IRS as a tax deduction depends on the category applicable to you:
The IRS allows you to claim a tax deduction of:
a) The value of your vehicle up to $500. It is up to the donor to determine the fair market value.
b) The amount we sell your vehicle for - if it is more than $500.

Kars4kids is a classified 501(c)(3) charity organization. You can check with your tax advisor or accountant to determine the amount of your benefit. The deduction is of value only if the donor itemizes his or her deductions. For a more detailed overview the IRS publishes a Donors Guide to Car Donation.
We accept the following donations: car, snow plow, boat, bus, jet ski, truck, RV (motor home), commercial, airplane, van, trailer, motorcycle, ATV, tractor, and fleet donations. Sorry no kids.
We can usually pick up a vehicle without a title in Washington, DC . We just need the registered owner to sign some paperwork for us.

In almost all scenarios Kars4kids will apply for the new title for you. We'll handle all the paperwork and pay the title fees too. We'll need you to sign and notarize a Power of Attorney, and provide us with a copy of the driver's license. After that we'll do all the rest of the work.
If you'd prefer you may apply for a new title on your own. Here's how:
A duplicate vehicle title may be obtained online, by visiting any DMV service location or by mailing all of the following required documents along with applicable fees to the DC DMV, P.O. Box 90120, Washington, DC, 20090. For additional details visit
Print and sign your name on the back of the title in the "title assignment by seller" section. The sample title document to the left of this paragraph has a blue arrow. Sign where the arrow appears using the name listed on the front page of your car title document. The title document should be given to the tow truck driver at the time your car is collected.
  1. Remove the Plates
    The plates should be removed from the car, prior to towing.

  2. Return the Plates

    Return the plates using the Online Tag Cancellation.

    Return your tags by mail to: DC DMV Vehicle Registration P.O. Box 90120 Washington, DC 20090
    If sending by certified mail, mail the tags to: DC DMV Processing Center 95 M Street, SW Washington, DC 20024
    The DMV will mail you a receipt for your records. You should wait until you receive your surrender tag receipt prior to canceling your insurance to ensure you do not incur insurance lapse fines.

  3. Cancel Your Insurance
    Once you've received your cancellation receipt from the DMV for your tags, you should cancel your insurance.

For a full list of frequently asked questions check out our faq section


Washington DC fun factsA 1999 Ford F-250 takes the prize for the car with highest mileage donated in Washington, DC, clocking in at 332,000 miles!

Any information on this page related to state laws and title requirements is correct to the best of our knowledge. But because this kind of information is liable to change, please check with your local motor vehicle authority for current guidelines and requirements.

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