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Why RV donation is right for you

Save on Taxes

Why pay property tax on an RV you hardly use?

Avoid Parking Fees

Parking your RV long term is expensive!

Skip Winterizing

Getting your RV winterized is a hassle you can do without.

Stop Paying Insurance

Don’t pay insurance on an RV you don’t use anyway.

How your RV helps

Our charity programs are the essence of what we do. We are thankful to be able to give back to many local communities across North America and to bring educational opportunities to so many children, with the help of our sister charity Oorah. We're a registered nonprofit Jewish organization. Learn about what we do and see our charity programs here.

Kars4kids Mentor Program
The Kars4kids Vision

Our vision at Kars4Kids is to enable our children to succeed throughout life. We achieve this goal through a gamut of educational, mentorship and year-round programs for our children and their families and communities. With a network of thousands of volunteers, we strive to change the world, one child at a time.

Whole Family Support

A child is just one part of a whole: his family. At Kars4Kids we understand that helping children means offering supports and programming for parents and siblings. Outreach and mentoring for all the members of a family is a critical part of our approach. The result: happy, healthy children who are motivated to reach their potential.

Chillzone, a Safe Haven

Kars4kids‘ flagship afterschool program for kids, Chill Zone, is a safe place for children to be in the hours after school and on weekends. Here they enjoy programs developed with them in mind for help with homework, structured fun, and social development. Prizes, games, and smiles keep kids coming back.

Guidestar Silver Transparency 2021
Kars for Kids on GreatNonprofits

Still have questions?

The amount you can claim from the IRS as a tax deduction depends on the category applicable to you:
The IRS allows you to claim a tax deduction of:
a) The value of your vehicle up to $500. It is up to the donor to determine the fair market value.
b) The amount we sell your vehicle for - if it is more than $500.

Kars4kids is a classified 501(c)(3) charity organization. You can check with your tax advisor or accountant to determine the amount of your benefit. The deduction is of value only if the donor itemizes his or her deductions. For a more detailed overview the IRS publishes a Donors Guide to Vehicle Donation.
We can almost always pick up your RV donation without a title. Call us at 1.877.Kars.4.kids® ( ) to see whether we can pick up your RV.
Yes. RV donations are accepted, running or not.
If your vehicle's tires are flat or low on air, please let one of our reps know so we can plan accordingly.
You can donate cars, motorcycles, vans, buses, motorhomes, campers, RVs, trailers and boats in all conditions.
You will receive a temporary receipt from the towing company at the time of the pickup. It will have all your RV information along with our name and phone number. You just have to notify us once the RV gets towed and we will mail you the tax deductible receipt along with the hotel voucher.

For a full list of frequently asked questions check out our faq section.


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