Kars4kids: Beware of the following scams.

Kars4Kids cares about your security and is committed to protecting you from potential scams. There are many Kars4Kids scams, i.e.: charities that claim to be Kars4Kids and have similar sounding names or websites.

Remember the official Kars4Kids is kars with a “K” and the phone number is 1 877 Kars4Kids. Or, as the jingle goes 1 877 kars for kids, k-a-r-s for kids- donate your car today.

Kars for kids is aware of the many scandals that plague the car donation industry, and we take seriously the trust you place in us and do our utmost to maximize the benefit of each and every donation. Allowing us to reach out and touch of lives of thousands of children each year.

What you want to see in a charity:

  • All our donations- from initial phone call to post donation followup- are handled by dedicated employees who are intimately familiar with our charitable work.
  • Our professional staff will ensure that your car donation experience is hassle free and enjoyable.
  • Our donation specialists will evaluate market conditions and geographical considerations to determine the most beneficial way to sell your car guaranteeing you a higher tax deduction and more money for the children we assist.
  • We also have highly knowledgeable title specialists that are familiar with each state’s unique motor vehicle laws.

Kars4kids is well aware that many car donation programs are scams and they give a bad name to the entire industry. Some scams to be wary of:

  • •   Charities that use third party companies who keep the bulk of the proceeds to process their donations.
  • •   Charities that use outside call centers to answer their phones.
  • •   Charities that don’t analyze which cars should be sold at auction and which should be sold for scrap.
  • •   Are not recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)3.
  • •   Are not registered as a charity with the attorney general’s office.
  • •   Do not file 990's with the IRS.

Kars4kids success has been built on a proven track record both in it’s car donation practices and in it’s charitable work. Kars4kids is a licensed and registered 501(c)(3) charity.

So be wary of Kars4Kids scams and stick to the original and trusted Kars4Kids at Kars4Kids.org or 877 Kars4Kids.