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We roll up our sleeves to plant roots and invest in children because they are our future. We’re a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit Jewish organization who, together with our sister charity Oorah, help thousands of children.

Kars4Kids makes donating to charity easy. Be it cars, boats or real estate, we pride ourselves on making the donation experience a pleasure.

not your typical charity

We Think Differently

We take a revolutionary approach to raising funds for charity, making philanthropists out of everyday car owners. Our donation programs are designed to provide a top notch service to the public that creates a steady stream of revenue for charity. Instead of competing for limited charity dollars, we’re expanding the pie, converting assets destined for the junkyard to meaningful support for kids.

Kars4Kids Official TV Commercial (Kars for Kids Video Jingle)

Our Jingle

A big part of our national fame and growth is due to the Kars4Kids jingle. Like much else at Kars4Kids, the jingle is thanks to a small group of creative volunteers who composed the lyrics and set it to its catchy tune. We recorded the jingle in house, keeping production costs low. The jingle’s brilliance lies in its simplicity and memorability, so when you have a car on its last legs, you can’t help but think of donating to Kars4Kids. Fun fact: the jingle actually airs much less frequently than people think, but because of its catchy stick-in-your-head quality, it feels like it never stops playing.

Watch: The New York Post airs a "then and now" video featuring all the child stars from the Kars4Kids jingle.

stellar service

Streamlining donations

We are committed to making the donation process easy and simple for all our donors. When you choose Kars4Kids for your car donation, our professional team takes over all the details. From 24-hour phone coverage to in-house title specialists, we have everything in place to ensure your entire donation goes smoothly from pickup to tax filing.

We are obsessively dedicated to maximizing each and every donation so the highest percentage reaches the kids in our charity programs. Unlike many in the industry, we will never use a third party entity to process your donation.

do good

Our Charity

Our mission is to give children the opportunities and support they need to develop into productive members of their communities. Mentorship is the heart of all of our programs. Kars4Kids programs include educational services, youth mentorship and development, community and family outreach and cultural events.

Kars4Kids is a registered nonprofit Jewish organization who, together with Oorah, our sister charity, helps thousands of children.

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