Donor Spotlight: Shira Klatzko, Former Wrangler at TheZone

Adam, left, and Shira Klatzko

Shira Klatzko became a Kars4Kids donor not long ago, when she donated her Chevy Tahoe. Our friendly inbound salesperson Reesa made some light chitchat with Shira as she processed her donation. “How did you hear about Kars4Kids?” asked Reesa, by way of conversation.

“Oh,” said Shira. “You’ll like this. My husband Adam and I both worked at TheZone before we were married.”

“That’s amazing!” said Reesa.

The two women shared a laugh, now feeling like old friends—or maybe even family. By way of explanation, TheZone is our summer camp. It’s the main project we support with the Kars4Kids donation program.

Adam, left, and Shira Klatzo
Adam, left, and Shira Klatzko

Getting back to business, Reesa arranged to have the vehicle picked up before 5pm, as per Shira’s request. We are often able to arrange same-day pickup. In this case, however, Shira was hoping to avoid incurring extra storage fees. This was a little bit tricky, as it was necessary for Reesa to arrange for a double tow. But with the help of a colleague, she got it all done in plenty of time.

Naturally, Shira was pleased and grateful with how things went. We had a talk with Shira Klatzko to learn more about her life, her wonderful family, and why she chose to donate her car to Kars4Kids:

Kars4Kids: What made you decide to donate your car?

Shira Klatzo: It was a pretty new car and we didn’t want to just waste it by sending it to a junkyard. We wanted to do something useful with it.

Kars4Kids: You and your husband worked at TheZone, our summer camp. How long ago was that and what did you do there?

Adam and Shira Klatzko
They didn’t meet there, but both separately worked at our summer camp, TheZone. Great minds think alike! The couple has been married for nine years.

Shira Klatzko: I worked in TheZone during the summers of 2009 and 2010. My husband worked there in summer in 2010 and 2011. I was a wrangler, working with the horses, and he was a junior counselor and then a counselor.

Kars4Kids: Is that where the two of you met? How long have you been married?

Shira Klatzko: We did not meet in our time working for TheZone which is a good thing because we were too young and it would not have been good for us to meet at that time. But it was nice to have had similar experiences. We met in the summer of 2012 and have been married for 9 years.

Kars4Kids: What were your impressions of TheZone, and what did you like best about the camp?

Shira Klatzko: TheZone is a wonderful camp that is always so much fun and provides a positive Jewish experience while building children’s confidence and helping them learn about their heritage.

The five Klatzko children
The Klatzko clan includes five beautiful children.

Kars4Kids: The Chevy Tahoe is a family-sized car. Do you have a lot of kids? What are you driving these days?

Shira Klatzko: We have five wonderful children and we just bought a Toyota SUV to replace the one we donated.

Kars4Kids: Can you tell us about your experience with donating a car to Kars4Kids? How did it go—what was it like?

Klatzo children
It’s okay, Klatzko kids–the new car will be an even better ride, we’re sure!

Shira Klatzko: It was a very smooth and pleasant donation experience. Everyone was very polite and helpful from the process was so much faster than I would have ever imagined. We are so grateful for the opportunity to do something nice with what would have just been wasted.

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