Top Ten Reasons to Donate Your Car

As December 31 looms, you may be wanting to get in those charitable donations in before the end of the year. Wanting, of course, is different than actual doing, of course. If you are looking for motivation to get moving on donating your car, we’ve got just what you need: our top ten reasons to donate your car.

With no further ado, here are our top ten reasons for donating your car:

  1. You get a tax deduction.
  2. It’s good for the environment (when a car fails emissions standards, it’s better to get that thing off the road. At Kars4Kids we make sure the car is either made safe, or the parts safely recycled).
  3. Donating a car to Kars4Kids, helps kids. We take the proceeds of your donation to fund educational and mentoring programs.
  4. Donation sets a wonderful example for your children in doing good works to benefit society.
  5. Car donation gives you an excuse to go car shopping.
  6. When you donate a car that yet has life in it, it helps someone else obtain decent secondhand wheels when that person might not otherwise be able to afford a car to get around to work and raise a family.
  7. Removes an eyesore from your lawn/neighborhood or alternatively, a space-eater in your driveway or garage.
  8. You must obey the jingle. (You know how it goes.)
  9. When it’s an older, no longer salvageable car, car donation makes the road safer by taking it out of circulation.
  10. Did we mention the tax deduction?
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