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Insurance and Car Donations Guidelines

Insurance and Car Donations Guidelines

So you’re ready to donate, but you have no idea what to do with your insurance.

Or maybe you don’t have insurance, and are wondering whether you can still donate.

This guide will walk you through an in-depth understanding of whether you should keep your insurance, whether you can donate without it, and provide you with tips in regards to getting rid of your vehicle and the best approach to dealing with your insurance.

A general disclaimer: You can donate with or without insurance. 

How to donate a car without insurance?

There is no difference between donating a car with or without insurance.

What follows are some things to keep in mind while deciding, if you have it, what to do with your insurance. 

Canceling car insurance on a car you’re donating

  • If you do want to cancel your insurance, you’ll need to call up the company and tell your insurance provider that you’re canceling.
  • Depending on your provider, you may have to send in a cancellation letter too. This is important because you may be able to get a discount on your insurance payment if you have a few months left on your policy, and you certainly don’t want to run into problems if they notice that you’ve suddenly stopped paying your premium.
  • Make sure to inform your lienholder as well.
  • In some states, you’ll also have to alert the DMV.
  • We will send you a pickup receipt that you can give to your insurance company as proof of pickup. 

Can I and should I keep insurance on a car I’m donating?

  • If you’d like to keep your insurance policy for whatever reason (for instance, if you’d like to transfer it over to a new car), you can set it up with your provider.
  • Some people may wish to keep their policies even without having a new car because of any discounts they may be currently enjoying. 

Once we pick up the vehicle, it becomes our responsibility and you no longer need to concern yourself with it whatsoever.

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