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Popular Poet Donates Car

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Popular poet and a donor? Why not? Our donors come from all walks of life. One recent donor, William Willis, is, yes, a popular poet whose work has been featured at Poetry Soup. At 86 years old, William is still writing—and was quite happy to donate his old car. He knew his donation would help to support educational initiatives for children.

What follows is one of William’s most popular poems. You might recognize this poem as it has been shared many times over by email and on social media (see how many errors you can spot!):

Spelling Test


(there are over 30 words contained within this poem that are often misspelt by the common man)

We all do on occasion temporarily misspell.
Amateur or connoisseur of language,who can tell?
Conscientiously piece together,peculiar bits of rhyme.
Manoeuvre letters gorgeously for others to refine.

Discipline and experience,all apparent to you and me.
Pronunciation not enough to spell linguistically.
Skilful realignment of the letters needs addressed.
Paralytic implications quintessentially expressed.

A ricochet of rhythm,sabotaged in a queue of verse.
Cacophony of tone with their spellings unrehearsed.
Is your spelling kamikaze,a haemorrhaging of ink.
A karaoke nightmare,communication on the brink.

So literary geniuses,i am all apologetic.
If my utterance is rabbled and my spelling is pathetic.
You see,many words i utilize in this poem i create.
Have been misspelt for centuries,the most common is

Popular Poet William’s Late Wife: Poet and Artist

Popular poet and donor William, we were sad to discover, is a widower, whose deceased wife, Ms. Lola, was, like her husband, a prolific and popular poet. But Ms. Lola’s main work was as an artist. Some of Ms. Lola’s work can be seen in the following video clips:

Yes, we get all kinds of donors and some of them, like William, are talented, personable, and happy to tell us about themselves and what they do. Our representative Andrea had a lovely conversation with William. We are always ready to listen and learn more about our donors, but it was an especial pleasure getting to know William R. Willis, popular poet and, we might add, poet extraordinaire.