Letter from “Betsy” with Note from Donor “Mom”

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We received the following touching, not to mention adorable donor note from “Betsy.”

Donor Letter from Betsy

February 21, 2022

Hi my name is Betsy, I am a 1993 Mercury Village, first of my kind. The slogan the year I was made was ‘the van that drives like a car’, which is so true. Mini vans at that time were more like cargo vans.

I was born in Maryland, moved to Florida and have lived in Washington for many years. It saddens my mom’s heart to send me on my next adventure but it is time. My body is great, my parts are fine I just need a new alternator.

Note from Mom:

Betsy has been the best car ever, in my times of need and distress she never let me down. She always kept me and my daughter safe and never broke down. I have always up until a year ago, kept her well maintained with all of her regular check ups and fixes. This car has limped her way to the shop, got me there safe only for the mechanic to say ‘how did you even get here’. I will miss her dearly and I hope she will find a new life with another special family rather than being taken apart.

Please take care of her.

While it may seem like a breach of confidentiality to share personal correspondence with the public, we feel confident that the letter-writer’s anonymity has been sufficiently protected. After all, “Betsy” is one of the two most popular names bestowed on cars by their loving owners, the other name being “Betty.”

If you are surprised that a car has a name, don’t be. Forty-two percent of car owners name their cars.

If you are surprised that a car identifies as a girl, don’t be. Seventy-four percent of drivers think of their cars as female.

Pleased to Hear from Betsy

Whatever you call YOUR car, we were pleased to hear from “Betsy,” and we will be pleased to hear from other donated cars, as well.

Oh, and by the way, we took note of what Mom had to say about Betsy, and we do indeed promise to take good care of her. The proceeds from this donation will go to fund educational initiatives for children–something we feel certain that both Betsy and Mom will be pleased to learn.

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