Kars4Kids Sales Representative Helps Widowed Wheelchair-Bound Senior

Inbound Sales Representative Sara Wagshal used to be a social worker, which made her the perfect person to handle the phone call from California resident Jerald Swan. Swan is a wheelchair-bound senior who wanted to donate his car, but needed to get the ball rolling in a hurry. The car in question was sitting right smack dab in the middle of where a ramp was to be built for Swan to make it easier for him to get in and out of his house.

Swan had called the towing company and left a message, but they never called back to schedule. So it was that the car was still sitting there when the workman showed up to build the ramp. Jerald, feeling completely frustrated, tried calling Kars4Kids just one more time to see if they could help.

Happily, Swan reached Wagshal, who took a look at the donation application and figured out that the VIN number was missing. Wagshal knew that without the VIN number, the tower wouldn’t be able to schedule pickup. Jerald, however, was unable to go read the VIN number off the windshield of his car, being wheelchair-bound.

That’s when it hit Wagshal: get the workman to go out to the car with paper and pen and have him write down the VIN number. He did so, while Wagshal chatted with Swan to put him at ease. Once the workman gave Wagshal the VIN number, she called the tower and got the car scheduled for pick up the very same day.

All’s well that ends well, the homebound disabled widower now has a ramp so he can get in and out of his home, making him a little more free. And the car he could no longer drive got donated, with the proceeds going to fund educational and mentoring programs for children.

We call that a win/win situation.

It’s all in a day’s work for Sara Wagshal, the inbound sales representative with a social worker’s heart.

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