Car Donation – The Why, What, Where, and How

smiling woman gives thumbs up as her car is towed away

Looking for a break-it-down, nit-picking, deep-digging explanation of car donation? Here you go. You’re welcome.

The Why

Why on earth would I donate my car?! I mean seriously! The truth is most people are just looking for a convenient and fast way to get that hunk of junk out of their driveway to make room for those shiny new wheels. Your options are limited. You could call the junk metal guys and hope that the dude who shows up isn’t a shotgun toting troglodyte in a broken down pickup truck held together by duct tape and wire hangers with a penchant for “forgetting” to pay. Or a cousin in the mafia for that matter. Or, you could donate your car to a respectable charity, and have the vehicle picked up by a local, reputable tower, receive a receipt on the spot and a tax deduction in April. Now that will bring a smile to your face.

Well why do you want my broken down car anyways? And why on earth would you tow it for free? Kars4kids wants your broken down car because we can sell it and direct that money to our affiliated charities. Why would we tow it for free? Because we make money off your car which we use to fund our educational programs for children.

The What

So what do we do with your car? It really depends on the age, model, and condition of the car. If a car is all used up, doesn’t drive, doesn’t turn on, doesn’t have a roof, etc… it will usually be sold for parts or for scrap metal. However, at Kars4kids we do everything possible to try to get the most value out of every vehicle we receive and that usually means selling the car at auction. We use large reputable auction centers around the country to resell many of our donated vehicles at the highest possible price, ensuring that our charities enjoy the maximum possible return from your donation and that your tax deduction is as large as it can possibly be.

What kind of donations do we accept? We accept vehicle donations, RVs, boats, trailers, motorcycles, jet skis, buses, and snowmobiles. Basically, pretty much any machine that moves. Although we do not accept jet engine-powered toaster ovens.

The Where

Well just about anywhere that’s where. We have a network of towers across the United States so with one call to our central headquarters in New Jersey we will have a local tower in your area pick up your car in a prompt and efficient manner. Often, people do not realize that car donation is not necessarily a local industry. In fact, many car donation charities can accept donations from anywhere in the United States.

The How

How? Call us. 1-877-Kars4kids. Or use our online car donation form.

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