2003 Hummer Donation Sells for $10,000!

2003 Hummer

The Hummer series of powerful all-terrain SUVs: They’re out of production, but thanks to our generous donors, they’re still having an impact, and raising money (lots of money!) for charity.

An orange 2003 H2 (see pictures), donated by a philanthropic Ohioan, recently sold for a cool $10k at auction. With our impressively minimal administrative costs, that means $9,888 for the children we help!

2003 Hummer front view (Kars4Kids donation)
Yes, it’s orange, not red. A gorgeous shade. You can see it better in the following photo.
2003, orange H2 side view
Here you can better see the color of this H2. Great color and in near-pristine condition.

Another Hummer, a purple H2 donated by Metro in California, sold for an astronomical $11,800, which translates to $11,700 (!) for our kids, and a nice tax write-off for one business. Not to mention, the donation process is painless. Reminiscent of a certain Carole King song, all the donor had to do was call. Sure sounds to us like a win-win for all.

It bears note that when we say the money goes to kids, we speak of funding for our world-class educational and mentoring programs, scholarships to our summer camps, time-out-of-school enrichment programming, classes for parents, and so much more.

Thank you to all our special donors whose generosity enables us to do great things! We are grateful. And so are the kids.

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