Total Car Removal: Everything You Need to Know

Stop throwing money away on a car that no longer works. We offer free total car removal. Poof: No more eyesore for the neighbors to complain about. You get the maximum tax deduction while helping children, too.

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How to Remove Your Total Car FOR FREE


1. Tell us about your totaled car

Our quick online form covers all the basics.

2. We’ll call you to schedule a pickup

We’ll call you back within 24 hours to arrange the perfect time for free pick-up.

3. Your car goes to help kids

We tow your car and you get a tax receipt and a vacation voucher.

Recent total car removals and donations

We don't use a middleman

Like everything we do, total car removal is handled in house, with our own Kars4Kids service representatives and vendors. Eliminating the middleman means you get prompt, experienced service. It also means that more of your donation goes to help the children we serve.

Total Car Removal - FAQ

What can I remove from my totaled car?

You should remove all personal items including garage door openers, cell phone chargers, documents in the glove compartment, the license plate, E-ZPass and other toll payment transmitters, sunglasses, coins, CDs, jumper cables, personal tools, and seat covers.

When to remove a totaled car from insurance?

If your policy provides a rental car, wait until the rental is returned, and make sure that the car title or lease is no longer in your name.

Why donate to Kars4Kids?

We offer a complete package of year-round educational, youth development, and mentoring programs that bring family, home, school, and community together to support the whole child for a lasting impact and a successful future.

500,000+ happy donors

says we’re doing something right

10,000+ children

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20+ years of experience

means you can’t go wrong with Kars4Kids

Our satisfied donors

Tyler Rawding
Tyler Rawding
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very professional in all ways. Answered all my crazy quesitons! staff very polite
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They showed up within 24 hrs of my call. I had emails confirming with proper names & record numbers .. They took care of EVERYTHING!! All I did was cry as my car of 19 yrs drove away. But I knew it was the RIGHT decision. You guys were great. it only took you this long to get these ears to dial that number; kids singing the jingle that was burned into memory! Advertising Genius! >..<
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Great communication and smooth transaction.

Is your car a total loss? Why not donate your totaled car to Kars4Kids?

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