Donate and Kars4Kids Will Write an Article about a Loved One Who Has Passed

Old woman holds looks photo of loved one who has passed

When a loved one passes, we tell our children and our friends about them, but what happens after that? In 100 years, who will remember a loved one’s kindness and talents, and the things they did while they were alive? There should be a way to keep their memory alive. It is for this reason that we decided to create a space where we can honor and remember our loved ones’ legacies. Hence our campaign: Donate and Kars4Kids Will Write an Article about a Loved One Who Has Passed.

It’s pretty simple. Donate your car, fill out the form HERE, and we’ll write an article about your loved one. Our campaign is not limited to a specific time period, and is valid for each car donated—that is to say, we will create a living legacy for someone you cared about for every car you donate. To our mind, generous people who give to charity, have as their loved ones, generous friends. We want to know about them. We want to tell others about them.

The loved one who has passed—we want to know them too

We need more people like that. It’s something we want to encourage. So please do reach out to tell us about the person you loved who has passed. The more you tell us, the more we’ll share on our website. We want our readers to get to know your loved ones, too.

It’s painful when we lose someone. If the loss is fresh, we hope that sharing their story will be a comfort. Most of all, we’re sincerely interested to hear about special people, and we figure our readers are, too.

Is there someone you think about often from whom others could learn? Someone you want other people to know? We’d like to make that happen, so feel free to reach out to tell us about your loved one who has passed from this earth, but not from the heart.

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