How Kars4kids Helped a Terminally Ill Man Plan His Estate

Donated a house in Wilmington, DE

Alan from Delaware, was terminally ill. At the same time, he was estranged from his only brother, and had no other family. Knowing that his time was limited, Alan made Kars4Kids the recipient of his property upon his death. Alan’s property included a car and a modest home.

Only days after learning of Alan’s generous intentions, we heard from his attorney. Alan had died, his property bequeathed to our charity.

There were things to deal with. We dealt with the probate and the angry brother. But it wasn’t long before everything had been squared away, and then we sold the house to a neighbor.


These are the things we do every day at Kars4Kids. We deal with things that come up with families and the things they own and what they want or need to do with them. It always requires sensitivity and diligence to see things through. But anything worth doing, as the saying goes, is worth doing well.

It’s what we try to do.

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