Hurricane Harvey Victim Donated Condos to Charity

Donated Condos to Kars4kids

How a Hurricane Harvey Victim Got a Fresh Start

William owned several condominiums which he operated as rentals. But in 2017, Hurricane Harvey struck, causing billions of dollars in damages. Many of William’s condos were damaged and some were completely destroyed.

The condos were insured of course, but when William received his insurance money he found he had no interest in rehabilitating his properties. He wanted a fresh start. William reached out to Kars4Kids to hear what they had to say.

Donating the condo to charity was the right move

Suitably impressed by the earnestness of the charity and by its good work, too, William decided to become a Kars4Kids real estate donor. For our part, we listed the properties right away and sold them as is, making a nice profit to fund our programs.

William got his fresh start, and helped fund a great charity, too. It’s a happy ending to a tale that begins with mayhem and destruction. A Harvey story that ends on a note of hope.

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