Recurring Donor Keeps Coming Back Due to The Tax Benefits of His Donated Property

Donated multiple properties to Kars4kids in NC and VA

One recurring donor first contacted Kars4Kids Real Estate in the summer of 2015. This was a donor of considerable means. He was interested in offsetting his very considerable income.

As luck would have it for our recurrent donor, he had a number of properties he had purchased years before and all of which were vacant. Not interested in developing the properties, our donor knew they had significant value. So he began the process of donation, donating a different property each year.

Tax benefits of donating a property

The donor’s annual property donation to Kars4Kids meant a benefit in the form of a tax deduction of the properties’ fair market value. There was never a problem with the donation on either side: not for the donor, and not for Kars4Kids. Just a hassle-free transaction, year after year.

We look forward, in fact, to hearing from our donor again soon!

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