How Donating Rental Properties to Charity Helped Robert

Donated 4 vacant lots in Cranbury, NJ to Kars4kids

How Kars4kids Helped a Landlord with his Dilemma

Robert acquired a home (and a neighboring lot) in Michigan, to be used as a rental property. He managed the rental, himself. On his own, Robert did a complete renovation of the property. Then he relocated.

That’s when Robert found he no longer had either the resources or the desire to deal with the rental. So he contacted Kars4Kids to inquire about property donation. He wasn’t sure we would be able to take the property. There was an elderly tenant and he didn’t want to boot him out.

Kars4Kids looked into the matter and found that the tenant was reliable. We were able to promise the donor that the tenant could stay put. Reassured, Robert gave us the go ahead and we arranged the title and transfer, including a remote closing, since Robert had already relocated out of town.

Donating every rental property to charity was the right move

That done, Robert was able to cross this problem off his to-do list: Kars4Kids has taken over management of the home and has offered the elderly tenant a rent-to-own arrangement, if he likes. The tenant is currently considering the offer. In this case as in so many others, we found that a little creativity and flexibility can help things fall into place as they should.

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