Close to 50 Lot Charitable Donation of Inherited Property

Donated 50 vacant lots

Real Estate Donation Can Be a Boon When There’s a Large Volume of Property

Barbara inherited close to 50 lots in an undeveloped subdivision. This property had been in the family for nearly 80 years. But as Barbara was getting on in years, the lots had become a burden.

The large volume of the property made it a difficult commodity to sell. Barbara, meantime, worried about the responsibility of remaining liable for the lots. It was just too much.

Barbra made the right decision to make a charitable donation of her inherited property


It was a good thing Barbara had the idea to contact Kars4Kids. Real estate donation turned out to be a wonderful solution to Barbara’s quandary. Using a local title company, we were able to seamlessly transfer the properties with zero cost to the donor, saving her the time and frustration that so often comes along with selling so many properties at once.

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