Donation of Vacation Home to Charity Prior to Retirement

Donated a house to Kars4kids in Liberty, NY

Real Estate Donation Can Tie Up Loose Ends Prior to Retirement

Jeff was retiring and like many New York retirees, moving to the Sunshine State (Florida). While attempting to tie up many loose ends prior to the big move, Jeff became concerned about a vacation home purchased many years earlier in Upstate New York.

The home was in a small town, and although it was in decent condition, the property had extremely high holding costs relative to its value. Jeff just wasn’t having any luck finding a buyer on which he might unload what had turned into a white elephant. And that’s when Jeff’s good luck kicked in.

He was listening to the radio when the Kars4Kids jingle came on. It his him: real estate donation might just be the solution to his problem.

And so it was.

Donating a vacation home to charity worked out

The title and transfer process turned out to be smooth and seamless, and Kars4Kids even refunded him for the taxes he had already paid in advance of the coming year. Jeff was relieved that he was able to conclude this meaningful chapter of his life in such a positive manner. Now he could look forward to the joys of retirement, joys he had duly earned.

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