One More Good Deed For A Home Filled With Kindness

Donated a Duplex in Flint, MI to Kars4kids

Foster Care Facility and Religious Center Donated to Charity

Janice was an ambitious community activist residing in Flint, Michigan. Together with her husband, Janice purchased a duplex which the couple remodeled to turn it into a 5,000 square-foot home. The home was used as a foster care facility and religious center, offering an extensive range of programs.

After many years, Janice’s husband passed away. The responsibility of running all the programs on her own, felt overwhelming to Janice, in addition to maintaining the home and trying to sell it, as well. But it was more than that: what Janice needed more than anything was a fresh start. Maryland was calling to her, but it was too far away for her to be able to manage the property in Flint. She felt stuck.

Then she thought of Kars4Kids. Janice approached us about donating the property. She told us how uncomfortable she felt at the thought of getting rid of this very large piece of her past in service to her community. This was something we understood, being in the business of community service, ourselves.

We arranged the transfer of the proper with extra care and sensitivity to a grieving widow. Janice was able to take comfort in the fact that with her donation she was able to do one more good deed with the home she had filled with so much kindness, for so many years. It may not have been easy for Janice, but she knew she’d done things the right way, and that knowledge gave her ease of mind and heart. We wish her only the best of luck on her new life in Maryland. We know she’ll be an asset to her community there, as she was in Flint.

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