Dyslexia: This is What it Looks Like

Dyslexia: This is What it Looks LikeDyslexia is so common that one in every five American children has this reading difficulty. Some believe that worldwide, as many as one in four people have dyslexia. And still, so many people have no idea what it’s like to live with this reading difficulty.

Parents may have no inkling their kids have it. They might think their kids just aren’t trying hard enough. Teachers may think their students with dyslexia are lazy. Worst of all, when students with dyslexia get called on to read in class, their classmates laugh at them.

Widell’s Dyslexia Simulation

Now Victor Widell has created a code you can download as a gif file that shows us exactly what it’s like to have dyslexia—or at least ONE type of dyslexia. The truth is, dyslexia is simply a wastebasket term for all sorts of reading difficulties. Some people with dyslexia see letters in reverse. Some of them see only a part of the letters, with bits and pieces missing. And some see the words and letters jumping around on the page.  Those are just a few examples of the different ways someone might experience dyslexia.

Still, Widell’s brilliant code gives us a taste of dyslexia—an idea of what a struggle it would be to go through life with a reading disability. And that’s important, considering that one in four people in the world probably have a reading issue.

This is What it's Like to Have Dyslexia

Time To Get Smart

Isn’t it time we got smart about dyslexia and stopped assuming people who have trouble reading just aren’t very smart?

By the way, the idea of simulating a disability is not new. You can see a video clip HERE that shows what it’s like to have autism and experience sensory overload. These simulations are fabulous because they help us develop empathy. And there’s probably nothing as important as that.

Dyslexia Humor

Dyslexia humor. Does it sound like a contradiction in terms? Or did you happen on this blog prepared to become very angry, thinking that someone had a nerve to make fun of dyslexia, which is no fun at all.

Nope. No fun at all. We totally agree here at Kars4Kids. There’s nothing fun about the struggle to read in a world where reading is key to everything we do.

Letting Off Steam

That said we feel that having a sense of humor goes a long way toward releasing pent-up tension, especially toward the end of the week when it seems that if we have to cope with even one more weekday we’ll go out of our minds. The frustration mounts until we’re longing for a way to let off steam, at work or in school. All the more so, for anyone who struggles day in, day out with a learning difference. That might be an adult or a child, a man or a woman. Unfortunately, dyslexia is an equal opportunity thing.

We find that with dyslexia, or with any other learning difficulty, perspective is everything. If you can laugh at yourself for the mistakes you make, you’re more than halfway there to feeling better about yourself. We promise. So take a deep breath and prepare to be amused.

There. Now wasn’t that fun? Since you were such a good sport, we’ll give you another, a particular favorite of ours, here in the K4K office:

Felt good to laugh, right? See? We told you. Sometimes you just gotta laugh to get those endorphins flowing and your mojo back. Reading may be difficult but guess what? You win. Because you’ve kept your sense of humor about you.

Now do a good turn and share this blog piece with someone you know who’s struggling (with reading or something else) and in need of a good laugh. Oh, and before you do that, leave a comment below and tell us if you’re feeling better now. We really hope so. If you like this one, we’ll be happy to bring you more joy in this space.

Your wish is our command.