What Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Universe Can Teach Us About Internet Safety?

In 1978, Douglas Adams penned a sci-fi comedy entitled, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Universe. The novel, set in Islington, UK, The Earth and The Universe, describes the travels of two unlikely friends, Arthur Dent and

Top 10 Lies Kids Tell

Kids lie. They just do. Some do it more frequently than others while an especially rare form of child will lie just once, never to sin again. Yeah. Right. “You are so busted,” said

My Child Has a Crush on an Adult

  Yes. It’s true. My child does have a crush on an adult, his summer camp counselor. When he first confessed it, admittedly, I felt a little jealous. I mean, wasn’t I supposed to be his

4 Favorite Tips for Teaching Children to Be Good Neighbors

Three summers ago, we moved. Our new across the street neighbor came by and said, “If there’s anything at all you need—anything—please ask.” I could see her sincerity on her face and hear it

Joan Rivers: A Role Model Like No Other

  If you haven’t heard the news, Joan Rivers, a ferocious comedienne, an extraordinary professional, a compassionate, outspoken role model, and the funniest woman I’ve ever seen died after suffering cardiac and respiratory arrest

When Are Children Ready to Learn About Evil?

When are children ready to learn about evil? Are the concepts of good and evil something that should be actively taught or do children passively absorb these cultural norms from their environment? Pondering these

Auditory Processing Disorder: Should Your Child Be Tested?

Auditory Processing Disorder: it’s what the experts call it when your child’s hearing is just fine, but she doesn’t always understand what is said. Does your child say, “What?” no matter how loud or

Food for Thought

Why do we eat the foods we do? And why are some foods elevated to the status of “comfort food?” Have you ever wondered why some of your parent’s and grandparents customs surrounding food live

Predicting Coparenting Ability and Why it Doesn’t Matter One Bit

Predicting coparenting ability shouldn’t be rocket science. And it isn’t. Yet someone found a way to make it so. Coparenting is the way in which parents relate to each other in their roles as

Summer Parenting Goals: How Close Are You?

Summer parenting goals are like New Years’ resolutions. It’s better to keep the list short and sweet, or you’re liable to find them too difficult to pursue. In any event, with summer vacation winding