The Bridge: Where Kids From The ‘Burbs Take Center Stage

The Bridge Teen Center, a center for suburban teens, is the latest recipient of a Kars4Kids small grant.  Now, when Kars4Kids gives out a small grant to a worthy organization, we like to interview

Free Arts for Children’s Court: Helping Kids in Difficult Straits

Free Arts is the newest organization to receive a small grant from Kars4Kids. This organization was founded in 1977 in Malibu, California  by two women who understood the therapeutic potential of the arts. Carolyn

Ten Top Misconceptions About ADHD

Misconceptions about ADHD abound, despite the fact that at least 1 in 20 U.S. children are affected. These misconceptions about ADHD make it more difficult to identify and treat the condition, with the result

Social Emotional Intelligence in the (Much Calmer) Classroom

Social Emotional Intelligence (SEI) is the ability to understand your own and other people’s emotions and to use this information to guide your behavior. Many teachers believe that fostering social emotional intelligence in students

TeenSHARP: Getting Kids to Think About And Get Into College

TeenSHARP is among the newest recipients of a Kars4Kids small grant, thanks to its terrific mentoring programs that raise college awareness among low-income and minority students (and their parents), prepares these students for college,

Daniel: Serving Children Since 1884

Daniel is a place where kids with the worst problems imaginable can get help and it’s been that way since its humble beginnings in 1884. In those days, Jacksonville, Florida was a much smaller

Lynette’s Law: Teaching Kids to Be Effective and Kind

I have a general rule of thumb that I call Lynette’s Law. It is basically a rule of engagement. I call it “Four Compliments To (every) One Correction!” It teaches you how to be

Opportunity Neighborhood: Where Courtesy is Everything

Opportunity Neighborhood is fighting crime by building a sense of community among the residents in affordable housing units in North Minnesota. Kars4Kids likes what this organization is doing. A whole lot. And that is

Milk: It’s the Devil Bobby Boucher (According to Some)

Milk. Some say it’s really bad for you. Some say it’s really good for you. What are you, as a parent, supposed to do? Who are you supposed to believe? Well, let’s take a

Music: What Every Parent Ought to Know

You already knew that music could calm an infant, and help him drop off to sleep. It’s why you instinctively hummed to your child, if not Brahm’s Lullaby, then perhaps a nameless soft melody,