How Do You Deal With Campsickness?

The summer is at its midpoint and for many camps, first session is over. If your child returned home a little mopey, you may have to unpack some emotional baggage in addition to their

Maternal Fears: Your Child Smells it On You

Maternal fears are primal, instinctual; ready to be unleashed at the first sign of danger, either real or perceived. Imagine this scenario: a door opens as a child’s pudgy fingers linger much too close

Are You Sabotaging Your Child’s Summer Camp Experience?

  Are you sabotaging your child’s summer camp experience? “Of course not,” you laugh. “What parent does that?” You throw your head back and laugh off the ridiculousness of that premise. You are, after

What are the Signs Your Child is Troubled?

Before I became a parent I had always imagined that the hardest part of raising and caring for another human being would be primarily physical. When my kids were infants and then toddlers it

EDU Review 7/17/2014

EDU Review The latest trends in education and parenting          July 17, 2014 Summertime is a time to dream about different places, cultures, things to do and be. It’s a time to shake off preconceptions

Maternal Separation Anxiety: It’s Hard to Let Go

At many overnight camps, this past Sunday was visiting day. If you went to visit your child, you should have found a markedly more relaxed, sunburnt, mosquito-bitten child from the one you put on

When Your Teen’s BFF Is A Bad Influence

There’s this boy in the neighborhood, you know the type, reverse Mohawk streaked green, an earring, and a dangerous look in his eyes. He’s a bad influence. And your son is attracted to him

Kid-Friendly Linguine With No-Cook Pasta Sauce

It’s summer and you know you should do some kind of activity with the kids. But it’s HOT. Sounds like the perfect time to teach the kids how to whip up some kid-friendly linguini

Expectant Moms Turn To Doctor Google

Expectant moms are turning to Doctor Google for advice. That is, they are seeking answers to their questions about pregnancy that they can’t get in the early weeks of their pregnancies. That’s because the

EDU Review: The Musicals Edition 7/10/2014

EDU Review The latest trends in education and parenting          July 10, 2014 Ever watched a musical and imagined yourself on stage, under the hot lights, your face thick with melting grease paint, the sound