Hot Salsa: Hot Holiday Salsa, That Is

Hot salsa on your holiday table? Why not? It goes great on potato latkes, is red and green, and offers colorful fresh low-calorie flavor to perk up just about any food you can name.

Lincoln Logs: The Classic Toy that Beats the Computer Hands Down

Lincoln Logs has been around longer than most people have been alive, yet here it is, alive and well, still the same humble toy, still popular. Kids see Lincoln Logs and they automatically feel

ADHD: 5 Strategies to Improve Learning

For a child  who struggles with ADHD (hyperactivity attention-deficit disorder), school can be a stressful place. Though most children with ADHD are intellectually bright and love to learn, learning and navigating the school setting presents many challenges to

Kapla: Best. Toy. Ever.

Kapla is without a doubt, the best toy I’ve ever purchased for my children (note that this is an unsolicited endorsement). I first saw Kapla when my youngest son, then two, joined a small

Parent Teacher Meetings: 7 Secrets to Making Them Work from a Mother of 12

Parent teacher meetings were once a big deal to me and my husband. We wanted our children to do well in school and we wanted to be involved parents. We wanted to help however

Neurofeedback: A Promising Therapy for Developmental Disabilities

  Neurofeedback, also termed neural conditioning, is a therapeutic technique that pairs operant conditioning with brain scan images. The thought behind it is that children and adults can be taught how to voluntarily control brain waves, electrical impulses transmitted through the neural network

The Life Cycle: A 5-Point Method For Answering Kids’ Questions

The life cycle was a mystery to me until I was ten. I’d brought in the mail one day so many years ago, thrilled at the heft and bulk of the items I’d found

Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences: Kids Can Be All Kinds of Smart

The theory of Multiple Intelligences (MI) is the idea that there are several different types of intelligence. A musician, for instance, may be lousy at math, but a brilliant composer. A mathematician may be

3 Ways You Can Teach Your Child Social Injustice

  Despite the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s, the Feminist Movement, school desegregation, the nomination of a black president, and countless legislation aimed at protecting minorities and women in the workplace, school, and

Video: Black Friday 2014. Is This What You Want Your Children To Learn?

WARNING: There may be some graphic language in some clips, though we did our best to weed out the worst. Black Friday, 2014. Where will you be? Fast asleep, exhausted from hosting too many