Rav Yaakov Don: When Your Child’s Beloved Teacher Is Murdered

It was Thursday evening when I heard the sirens and knew without a doubt that terror had once more struck my community. There’s something about the way sound carries from the highway to my

Should You Give Baby A Pacifier? Are Pacifiers Safe?

Should you give baby a pacifier? Are they safe? The answer is not as clear cut as parents and parents-to-be might wish. On the one hand, the pacifier, also known as “dummy” or “binky,”

What is Positive Parenting and Why is it Better than What Our Parents did?

What is “positive parenting” and why is it better than what our parents did? It’s what I’ve been wondering as the web fills up with parenting articles telling parents that positive parenting is the

Using Art Projects to Teach Toddlers and Young Children Spatial Awareness Concepts

Art projects can help toddlers and young children develop their fine motor skills; learn to follow directions; and understand spatial awareness concepts, too.  Does the term spatial awareness have you scratching your head? It’s

Gripping Issue: First Graders Lack Fine Motor Skills

More and more, children are starting school without basic fine motor skills. Fine motor skills are used to do tasks like using a marker, cutting out and gluing shapes, or to hold the paper

Social Emotional Learning Gives Kids WINGS

Social emotional learning (SEL) can help children soar through life challenges by giving them healthy ways to vent and channel their strong feelings. Once you give children the tools they need to deal with

Saving and Protecting Children’s Lives: Hibiscus Children’s Center

Helping children is the primary mission of Kars4Kids. That’s why we created a small grants program for helping worthy organizations that share our mission. And it’s why we’ve awarded a small grant to the

Sugar Harms A Child’s Metabolism Says New Study

Sugar has long been thought to be bad for children. The sweet substance has been accused of causing tooth decay, diabetes, childhood obesity, and ADHD among other conditions, and in saying so, we’re just

Vitamin D: How Much is Safe to Take and Give to Your Child

Vitamin D is a chemical our bodies and our children’s bodies need for good health. Vitamin D makes for strong bones and bodies and helps us fight off infection. The chemical also helps ensure

Melatonin for Kids: Is it Safe

Melatonin is a hormone that helps us know when to sleep and when to be awake. At night, our brains make and release more melatonin and this makes us sleepy. When the sun comes