Interview With Freddie Taylor: Is Donating Real Estate a Good Idea For Me?

Why This Broker Recommends Real Estate Donation to Her Clients

Freddie Taylor has found her calling in real estate. But the broker is not shy about recommending what is best for the seller, even when that means recommending property donation. Taylor talks about what a career as a broker has meant, and why donation should, at times, be seen as a viable alternative to a sale.

Kars4Kids: How did you get started in real estate?

Freddie Taylor: I had moved to Upstate New York and I needed to make a living so I tried real estate and it worked for me. I loved driving all over and seeing the different counties. The scenery in this part of the country is so beautiful. But more than that, I was helping people, making a living, and seeing gorgeous mountains and towns. What could be better?

Kars4Kids: Any interesting real estate sale stories you can share?

Freddie Taylor: Well, I can’t say I have any particularly wild tale to relate, but I do have lots of happy buyers and sellers. Also, thanks to my sales, there are thousands of kids going to summer camps in the Catskill Mountains. I have met all kinds of people and I loved learning about each different group. The learning has been amazing.

Kars4Kids: What’s the hardest thing about being a real estate agent?

Freddie Taylor: Sometimes properties are extremely difficult to sell due to circumstances that may be beyond the seller’s control. The sellers get frustrated and the realtor also feels frustrated as he wants to bring satisfaction while the seller needs or wants to sell the property now.

I have at times suggested it may make more sense to donate a hard-to-move property. In such a case, a seller may actually realize a better return through donation than by selling the property. Here is where donation becomes a solution to a problem. Of course, that is a personal decision that only a property owner can make.

Kars4Kids: When did you first hear about Kars4Kids?

Freddie Taylor: I was the broker for the first summer camp purchased by Kars4Kids sister charity, Oorah. That was in 2006. I subsequently sold them the 2 properties that make up their second summer camp, back in 2009.

Kars4Kids: What was it like, working with Kars4Kids?

Freddie Taylor: Just great! My representative, Barry Broyde, is a pleasure to work with. If only all my clients were this amiable and easy to work with. The properties are not always easy to sell but Barry makes selling even the difficult ones, much less of a chore.

Kars4Kids: Has Kars4Kids helped your business?

Freddie Taylor: Sure. I am always happy to have the listings from this charity!

Kars4Kids: Which types of properties are the best candidates for donation?

Freddie Taylor: The best candidates for donation are properties in high demand areas. That’s the ideal. On the other hand, any property donation is good for Kars4Kids, as long as the seller has clear title and the property has no environmental or other serious issues.

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