A Few Minutes With Real Estate Broker Ari Klein

Real Estate Agent Ari Klein speaking about property donations to charity

Ari Klein is a broker in love with his work. He finds everything about homes, intriguing. They speak to him. Which is why he became a broker in the first place.

As a broker, Klein plays a necessary role in Kars4Kids Real Estate, because he can be on location, with the knowledge of someone local. It is Klein’s job to assess the property and be onsite when the property is sold. We spoke with Ari Klein to learn more about his work and what it is like to work with the Kars4Kids real estate donation program:

Kars4Kids: How did you get started in real estate?

Ari Klein: I got my start in mortgages, but then I saw realtors were making more money, so I switched. I’m drawn to property designs and structures, and houses fascinate me. They have character and personality.

Kars4Kids: How many properties do you sell each year?

Ari Klein: I have to say that—this year at least—I’ve lost count

Kars4Kids: Do you have any real estate stories to share?

Ari Klein: Well, one time a buyer and a seller broke things off in the middle of the transaction. But there’s worse than that! I had a buyer actually die in the middle of the transaction! I’ve had issues with stolen pipes, and once, I was in the middle of a showing when the clients and I came across a pit bull in a cage: the owner’s!

But perhaps the real story is when you work with investors and they buy the most horrible looking house and turn it into something beautiful. Once I did both ends of a deal like that. It was a 4,000 square foot home that was in poor condition. The investor I sold it to did it over beautifully, bringing it back to life. Some of these old houses were luxury homes 100 years ago and have now been restored to their former glory.

Kars4Kids: What’s the hardest thing about being a real estate agent?

Ari Klein: The hardest thing is dealing with difficult people. The second hardest is when a deal falls apart and the property becomes a liability. I encourage people to buy homes and it’s a good investment as they usually go up in value. You should, on the other hand, donate homes that might become a liability. If you think, for instance, that you won’t be able to manage the property, or keep costs down in the case of a property that is not your residence, it can be beneficial to donate. It’s better to reap the tax benefits, in such a case.

Kars4Kids: How was your experience working with Kars4Kids?

Ari Klein: Kars4Kids has helped me so much. A friend of mine participates in Kars4Kids’ sister charity Oorah and his wife is a mentor with them. That’s why I was willing to do business with them. It’s about my experience with the work that is funded by Kars4Kids.

Now that I have done business with Kars4Kids, I have to say they are great to work with—working with the Kars4Kids team is always a pleasure.

Kars4Kids: When did you first hear about Kars4Kids?

Ari Klein: A mutual acquaintance introduced me to them and I’ve never looked back, since.

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