When Selling a Home Becomes a Hassle

Donated a Vacant Lot in Orchard Park, NY

Donating vacation home to charity

Sometimes selling a home turns out to be a lot harder than you’ve anticipated. When that happens, donation can begin to look like a mighty appealing option. Take what happened to Pat.

Pat owned a 1.7-acre lot in Upstate New York he thought to develop into a summer home. But after relocating to New Mexico, that project suddenly didn’t seem so feasible. He decided to put the lot up for sale.

The only problem was, the offers just didn’t match what the property was worth. The home had been appraised at $45,000, but the offers Pat was receiving were closer to $3-$5,000. That just wasn’t going to cut it, so Pat decided to get in touch with Kars4Kids Real Estate and donate the property, instead.

Pat was surprised at just how easy it was to expedite the transfer of the property. All he had to do was sign on the dotted line on the documents we shipped out to him. Along with a successful and seamless closing, this donor benefited from a tax-deductible receipt. But perhaps most important of all, Pat had the satisfaction of knowing his property went to a good cause.

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