Hurricane Sandy destroyed his home. Here’s how Kars4kids helped.

Donated a property to Kars4kids in Keansburg, NJ

Beachfront property donation to a nonprofit

Hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc and destruction of awesome proportions across a 900-mile-wide section of America, including the entire eastern seaboard. That was in 2012. The damage was so great that area residents were still cleaning up the mess, even years later.

George was one such resident dealing with the aftermath of Sandy. The former Florida resident owned a beachfront property along the northern shoreline of New Jersey. But the property took a bad beating during the storm.

The good news was that George had insurance. The bad news was that the insurance people said the house had to be torn down. It was something George just couldn’t bring himself to do, so attached was he to the property, which had been something special to him, a dream home.

George looked for a more positive way around the problem, a happier outcome than tearing down a dream. He tried selling the lot for almost a year, with no success.

Then he contacted Kars4Kids.

We accepted the donation and took on the burden of maintenance and responsibility for the property. What did George get? A much happier ending than destroying a dream: one that included a tax deductible receipt, and the knowledge that the home he loved had gone to help a good cause.

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