Couple Donate a Beautiful Home in the Suburb of Chicago

Donated a home to Kars4kids in Bolingbrook, IL

Real Estate Donation Can Ease a Cross Country Move

Diane and Gerald bought a beautiful home in the suburb of Chicago where they lived. Just three years after they settled in, however, the couple received a job opportunity they couldn’t pass by: jobs for the two of them on the West Coast, jobs they wanted. Much as they loved their home, they were going to need to relocate. But things were complicated.

For one thing, there was still a mortgage on the house. Then too, the couple had no idea of the exact timing of the impending move. This made it difficult to put the home on the market.

Feeling they needed help, Diane and Gerald turned to Kars4Kids, explaining their dilemma.

Kars4Kids handled the transfer, and told the couple they could continue to live in the home rent-free until they both paid off the mortgage and were ready to move.

This came as a relief to Diane and Gerald, who were able to pack up and prepare to move cross-country with peace of mind.

It was only a few months later that the couple was able to begin the next chapter of their lives. Diane and Gerald left for the West Coast. That’s when we listed the home for sale.

It had always been a beautiful home. Which is why, perhaps, it didn’t take long to sell. The buyer in this case was the listing agent: he bought the home for himself!

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