Solving Environmental Problems by Donating Commercial Real Estate

Donated Commercial property to Kars4Kids in Georgia

How Real Estate Donation Can Be the Answer to An Environmental Problem

Marlene owned a commercial property in a prime Georgia location, not far from a gas station. She wanted to sell the property but couldn’t find a buyer.

The reason? Environmental concerns. It’s something that can happens to properties located near gas stations: Gas stations can release toxins into the surrounding air and soil. The toxins may pose a danger to nearby residents. Cleanup can be costly.

With all this in mind, Marlene reached out to Kars4Kids: would we be willing to accept a donation with environmental issues?

We took a look, which began with us doing due diligence to confirm the environmental status of the property. There was, indeed, an environmental problem. But it was still a property with great potential, and we just knew that someone would have the funds to deal with the cleanup, and make the property safe.

After that? We had a hunch the property would turn a terrific profit for some lucky buyer.3

Donating commercial Real Estate to Charity worked out well for Marlene and Kars4Kids

So we accepted the donation from Marlene. The property is now listed for sale with a local broker. Here is an instance where real estate donation was the right decision and at the same time, a load off a worried owner’s back!

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