A Headache Property Turned Into A Good Deed

Donated a Lot in Jacksonville, FL

Donating land for tax write off

Dwayne, down in Jacksonville, Florida, bought a piece of land not far from his home. His plan was to build a larger home for himself. But in time Dwayne realized his plans just weren’t going to materialize. He put the property up for sale.

Dwayne had high hopes, but the property just sat around on the market for months with not a single attractive offer coming in. This was disappointing, and Dwayne was running out of patience. In spite of this grim picture, Dwayne decided to remain positive and do some good with the property: he’d donate it to a good cause.

Dwayne did some research, and ended up choosing the Kars4Kids Real Estate Donation program. Within just a few short weeks, the transfer documents had been prepared, signed, and recorded. Not to mention the donor received a tax-deductible receipt for the appraised value of his property.

As for Kars4Kids? We listed the property with a local broker and sold the property shortly thereafter at a slightly lower price point, with the proceeds going to benefit our charity programs. Isn’t it amazing how a property headache can turn into a good deed, with just a little bit of help from Kars4Kids?

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