Home Donation: From Struggle to Serenity

Donated her home to Kars4Kids in Pittsburgh, PA

How Kars4Kids Helped a Couple go from Struggle to Serenity

Kathi, a real estate agent from Pittsburgh, owned a single family home together with her husband and his late business partner’s wife. But Kathi’s husband struggled with chronic illness. This placed a burden on Kathi to not only care for her husband in his illness, but to deal with day to day life. It became too much for her to manage and maintain the property.

But there was another problem: the longtime tenant of the home had developed a compulsive hoarding disorder.

Someone happen to mention to Kathi: “Why don’t you donate your home to charity?”.

Kathi sought out Kars4Kids to see if we’d accept the property as a donation.

We agreed to accept the property and took care of the title and transfer process.

property donated to Kars4Kids charity
The property Kathy donated to our Charity

Kathi was now free of the problematic property. It was one thing she could cross off her list of worries. Meanwhile, it was a good thing she donated the property when she did. Kars4Kids soon discovered that the home was infested with vermin and that the tenant was so disabled from his hoarding condition, that he was completely unable to care for himself.

Engaging the assistance of social services, we helped the tenant put his possessions in order, and had him transferred to an assisted living arrangement. We then had the home treated for infestation and had professionals come in to clean up the years of debris.

This was one case in which Kars4Kids real estate became more than just a broker, relieving the burden from the shoulders of a worried wife with a sick husband, and going on to become a kind of caseworker for someone with a mental health disorder. We take it in stride. We’re a charity, not a business, so we never shy away from the very human side of real estate donation.

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