How Kars4kids Helped a Retiring Property Developer (and his Broker)

Donated a Vacant Lot in Grand Blanc, MI

Undeveloped property donation

Subhash, a property developer in Michigan, had, over the years, purchased, developed, and sold off quite a large portfolio of properties. But now Subhash was approaching retirement, and was still holding a number of undeveloped properties.

These were properties that Subhash had been holding onto for quite awhile. He wanted to try and do some good with them. He problem was, Subhash had a pocket listing agreement with his broker. That meant he couldn’t donate the properties without paying her commission.

Not to worry! Kars4Kids took care of everything for Subhash by not only arranging and paying for the appraisal of the properties, but by paying the broker’s full commission as well. That was no small deed as the commission came to some $30,000! The was another happy ending story, in which every party walked away from a deal satisfied, and with every need met.

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