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Yes, most car donations are accepted, running or not (exceptions include older cars whose value would not offset the cost of towing).

To find out if we can accept your car donation, please call 1.877.KARS4KIDS®, or fill out the online car donation form.

We accept cars in any condition.

Yes, your car will be sold at auction to buyers or recyclers for parts and metals.

We can pick up the car as long as you have a copy of the death certificate and documentation that you are the official inheritor of the deceased’s belongings.

Once the car has been picked up we take full responsibility. You are responsible for the car until it is picked up. You are liable for all previous storage charges and previous fines.

No. There is absolutely no charge.


Kars4kids has a network of professionally licensed, bonded and insured towing agencies in most areas throughout the Canadian provinces that pick up car donations.

You will be contacted to arrange a time of pickup that is convenient for you, free of charge.

We accept car donations in most areas throughout the Canadian provinces.

The average pickup time for car donations is usually 24-72 hours from your initial contact with us.

No! Just clean the car of any personal belongings and leave the keys and ownership document under the dashboard.

Documents & Plates

When signing your ownership document, please make certain that you sign your name as the "Seller" in the Application for Vehicle Transfer section EXACTLY the way it appears on the face of the ownership document. Keep the plates portion of the ownership if you plan to turn in your plates or use them on another vehicle.

Sample ownership documents:

British Columbia

We can almost always pick up your car donations without an ownership document. Call us at 1.877.Kars.4.Kids to see whether we can pick up your car.

We will, however, require another form of ownership, such as the registration at the time of pickup. We will contact you after the pickup with additional paperwork to order a duplicate ownership document from the MTO or the SAAQ.

Remove license plate before your car is picked up. In Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia they can be attached to another vehicle. Make sure to register the change at your local Motor Vehicle Authority.

If your plates are not yet up for renewal, you can turn them in to the MTO for a refund. In Quebec, the plates can be removed from the vehicle at the time of pick up and turned into the SAAQ.

Kars4Kids is a registered charitable organization. We will issue you a receipt with the fair market value of your vehicle, as determined by wholesale auction averages.

You will receive the receipt approximately 4 weeks after we pick up your car.

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