A child’s life is his school, friends and community, and his family. It takes a positive experience in all those arenas to make a happy, healthy child. That is why we approach our mission from all of these directions, helping to address any deficiencies and working to build success.
A graphic displaying the connection between of academics, youth development, and community

Daniel, Gabriella , & Michael
Young preschool children wearing graduation caps perfroming at their graduation


Ignorance is not bliss.

A child's first experience with success and failure happens in school. Often his entire self-image, which he takes with him into adulthood, comes from his ability to learn and play successfully within his peer group. We strongly believe -
in fact, we know from long experience – that a child who has a positive school experience is far more likely to become a productive, successful adult – even if he never uses his trigonometry again!
Steven & Yaakob


There's more to the day than just school

As crucial as the school experience is for a child's future, many a successful adult discovered his strengths outside the school's walls. The social and emotional skills, talents and savvy that teach kids how to navigate life can
come from many quarters, and our task is to offer a variety of enriching environments to bring out those strengths. We call it development – but they call it fun!
susan, Zara and kevin

Community &
family outreach

Because family matters.

Home is where the heart is. And healthy families that interact and communicate with care and respect are essential for raising productive and successful children.
Our Family & Community Outreach program gives parents the tools to build a family life filled with warmth and meaning.
Numerous studies have shown that families that dine together, attend religious services together or have strong traditions to which they adhere raise more stable, happier children.
Our retreats and family getaways strengthen these bonds and leave participants equipped and energized to face the challenges of today's society.