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History of the Kars4Kids Jingle

The kars4kids jingle has become one of the most memorable and catchy radio ads of all time.

Commonly known as the “kars for kids song”, the unique tempo and country twang have ingrained the words 1-877 kars4kids in to the minds of millions throughout the country.

Composed by a country music writer and set to lyrics written by a talented volunteer, the 1877 kars for kids song has been sung by different adult and child vocalists throughout the years.

But it’s had it’s humble beginnings; Originally released in a weekly local program in ny with minimal music accompaniment it is now heard nationwide on all major radio networks. It has been instrumental in enabling the charity to become a venerable force for good nationwide.

Jingle Timeline

1999 - First version of the jingle with only a kid singing released on a local NY radio station.

2001 - Airs on a local NJ station.

2003 - Remastered to the current version with kid and adult singing.

2003 - Released on major radio station in NY – WABC.

2004 - First airing out of NY area- WBBM and WLS in Chicago.

2005 - Jingle hits the west coast airing on multiple California radio stations.

2007- Jingle goes nationwide in 6 prime radio markets on all major networks.

2008 - Chicago tribune does feature story on everyone’s favorite jingle.

2009 - Create your own jingle contest launched with dozens of amateur musicians from all over the country submitting their original versions.

2010 - Don Imus is heard on air ranting about the jingle during a commercial break, later apologizes to Kars4Kids, and lauds the charity’s great work.

2011 - Heavy metal remix.