Research shows that all parents are susceptible to forgetting a kid in the car. There are simple precautions all parents and caregivers can take to make sure it never happens to them.

But we continue to hear these tragic stories with alarming regularity.


To get a feel for how aware parents are that they should be taking precautions, we surveyed 2,500 parents across the US.

Here’s what we found out.

Results are based on individual online surveys through AYTM (Ask Your Target Market) of 2500 respondents, identified as parents, aged 18 and older, and conducted in June 2018. Based on the total population of adults the sampling error was ± 2% with a confidence level of 95%.

only 16%

of parents are concerned it can happen to them.

In their words.

"It obviously remains in mind and no special steps are needed to remember."
"This is silly. who could forget a child. It's a FIRST priority."
"I am responsible. My family is everything, and I don’t understand how I could forget them."
"I am an intelligent person who would NOT forget!"
"I am not a bad mother. If you put the child in the car then you don't leave the car without the child! No excuse ever! That's it."
"I have a brain and know when my child is with me at all times. I have never or would ever leave a child in the car even for a second."


think negatively of a parent who forgets a child in a car.
(Parents are “irresponsible,” “unfit to be a parent,” and even “murderers”)


of people believe it is okay to leave a child in a car for a few minutes.

1. Are you concerned that you could ever forget a child in the car?

Takeaway: An overwhelming majority of parents don’t think they could forget a child in the car.

2. Do you know anyone that you think could possibly forget a child in the car?

Takeaway: People tend to think forgetting a child is something that could only happen to someone else.

3-A. Do you take any measures to make sure you don't forget your child in the car?

Takeaway: About a third of parents reportedly take precautions but when we drilled deeper, only 15% are taking real precautions. Reported precautions include "I remember that I had my child in the car" and “I be a good parent and not stupid.”

3-B. How likely are you to take a precaution (based on level of concern)?

Takeaway: As your level of concern increases, so does the likelihood that you will take precautions. That's why we need to raise awareness that it can happen to anyone.

4. Do you think it's okay to leave a child alone in the car for a few minutes?

Takeaway: There’s widespread awareness that hot cars are dangerous for kids. But there’s more work to be done – 11% still don’t realize it’s unsafe to leave a child in the car for even a few minutes.

5. Did you ever forget a child in a car?

Takeaway: Almost 5% of parents will admit to forgetting a child in the car. It’s likely that there are more who don’t want to admit it.

6. You are in a mall parking lot and see a young child sitting in the car next to you with no adult around. The child does not seem to be in distress. What do you do?

Takeaway: If you see a child alone in a car, immediately call 911.

7. What should be the consequence for someone if they forget a child in the car, and the child dies?

Takeaway: 91% believe that people should be punished for a memory lapse they are themselves susceptible to and not taking precautions to prevent.

8. What should be the consequence for someone if they forget a child in the car, and no harm is done to the child?

9. What is your reaction when you hear of a child dying in a hot car?

Takeaway: Parents who lose a child in this way suffer more than the unimaginable grief of losing a child. They face widespread public condemnation for a brain malfunction that could happen to anyone.