Are you stuck with a house that just won't sell? Here's what to do.

  • 5 suggestions:
  • 1. Promote, promote, promote.

    There is not enough that can be said about the importance of marketing and advertising your property well. Consider discussing with your real estate agent alternate promotional avenues when you see the ones they are currently using are not being met with success.

    •  High quality photos should be taken for all advertisements, and hiring a professional photographer can go a long way in creating enticing and professional photos of your home.
    •  Make sure your agent is active on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to advertise your home as well as to reach out to potential buyers.
    •  Have your broker create an alluring website for your property featuring great photos and information potential buyers would be interested in, and promote it on your social media and in all advertisements. Taking a virtual and pictorial tour of your home will increase your chances of potential buyers wanting to see it in person.
  • 2. Increase your curb appeal.

    First impressions definitely matter, especially when it comes to potential home buyers whose first impression of your home is the front yard. Some quick and easy ideas to spruce up the outside of your home:

    •  Repaint your front door if it is old or worn out. A fresh and new looking door creates a great image for what is to come once the buyers step inside.
    •  Trim all shrubbery, trees, vines and foliage. There is nothing less appealing for potential buyers than pulling up to a home that reminds them of a haunted house! This is a simple and inexpensive way to impress buyers, along with showing them you care about the details of your home.
    •  Fix up the roof if shingles are missing or dirty. While you may have forgotten about it, one of the first things buyers look at is the roof, which can be a hint of possible further neglect on the property.
    •  Restore the siding and decks/patios to their original glory by giving them a quick pressure wash, giving a sparkling clean impression.
  • 3. Switch real estate agents.

    If you followed all the previous tips and still see little success, consider not renewing the contract with your current real estate agent. Start looking for one whose selling vision aligns with your own, and has achieved success for sellers with similar cases to yours. Switching agents should also be considered if they are difficult to get a hold of, are not willing to consider your suggested changes, or try to push you to accept lowball offers. Remember to always be professional when informing them you will be letting them go.

  • 4. Lower your asking price.

    Sometimes, your house can be worth a lot, but it is located in an area with lower property values, leaving you between a rock and a hard place when it comes to selling. When you see a trend in receiving lowball offers, a great option would be to lower your price point that would seem more reasonable to your target market. Once you start lowering the asking price, your market will see you are willing to negotiate and might come back with an offer you can reasonably consider.

  • 5. Consider donation.
    A unique solution to a frustrating problem, this will be your quickest option yet.

    Keeping up with the property taxes and maintenance of the home you wish to sell can quickly burn a hole through your pocket, especially when you have already moved out and are paying a mortgage on your new home. Donating to Kars4Kids, the experts in real estate donation, can be a viable and easy option. With a nationally recognized nonprofit handling your donation, you can rest assured your property is going directly to helping a good cause.

    As a donor, you will receive a tax deduction for your property, based on a third party appraisal, which can amount to nearly the same as your selling price (after holding costs are taken into account). Kars4Kids’ experienced in-house team will handle all the paperwork and appraisal fees and close as quickly as possible, leaving you virtually worry-free as you move into and enjoy your new home.