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Kars For Kids

We give kids
cars to drive.

 My guidance counselor has been saying for the longest time that I need to be more independent. Driving a car has taught me how to take responsibility for myself and how to make good decisions. 
- Lizzy

At Kars4Kids, we believe kars are for kids. When you donate your car, you are directly empowering a child with the freedom of driving.

Driven on a mission.

Giving one kid a car impacts the entire family.

Academic Excellence

Studies show that the confidence gained by learning to drive has a positive impact on a child’s grades. Children who drive are 89% more likely to graduate middle school on time.

Skill Building

Driving teaches children to make responsible choices and to be more aware of their environment. Benefits of driving for children include increased motivation, perseverance and independence.

Time Saver

By giving children the keys to their own car, parents are freed up to do errands for themselves instead of their kids. Parents have reported drastically lower stress levels after being relieved of carpooling duties.

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