What nobody tells you about all-glass office décor | Kars4Kids

What nobody tells you about all-glass office décor | Kars4Kids

The Kars4Kids office got a makeover recently. Our designers played around with quite a few fun looks before settling on one. There was the car theme; after all, we are a car donation charity. Think desks created from car parts and tires protruding randomly from the floor.  The CEO didn’t really dig that one. Then there was the hand-painted, youthful look, for the other half of Kars4Kids. Also vetoed.

In the end, we went with a fairly generic modern office design. Let’s just say it involves a lot of glass. Glass walls, glass desks, glass tables… you get the idea.

It definitely looked sharp the first few days, but we quickly discovered that glass has its drawbacks. Glass offices are said to put employees in happier moods by increasing natural light levels. That’s all well and good, but what we found was that too much of a good thing- you know how that one ends. Sunglasses became a common sight at work, as did the squinty look.

Depending on their placement in the room, some computer screens became defunct with the glare of the sun making reading them impossible. (That problem was actually solved by turning the screens backward, but that set off a new issue: try working efficiently with a coworker in your face.)

Then there’s the issue of maintenance. Glass smears and smudges easily. The bathrooms were feeling neglected as our cleaning crew got busy with Windex. This stuff may just be more high maintenance than a girl from the Hamptons.

Even the desks came with their issues. Thankfully, the drawers aren’t made of glass, so not all of our hidden secrets have been revealed yet. But our optical mice didn’t work on a glass surface. Mousepad, anyone? This was only a minor annoyance, but it was still annoying.

We won’t even talk about the fishbowl effect or the crack in the glass ceiling. Would we go so far as to advise the concerned reader against going the glass route for a new office? Perhaps not, but don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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