Hilarious (And Grim) Hearse License Plates

At Kars4Kids we are always running into interesting donations.

Often, we’ll post some of the more interesting ones to our version of car heaven; the Kars4Kids Garage, or on our Kars For Kids Facebook page. We are always on the lookout for things like vintage cars, or sometimes, funny vanity plates.

Today, we’re doing a roundup of the best vanity plates for hearses. None of these cars were donated of Kars4Kids (at least we don’t think so) but hey, maybe when it’s time for their last ride they’ll hitch up to one of our tow trucks.

Come to think of it this would be an amazing license plate for a tow truck:

Kars4Kids carhearse

Tee hee. So here we go!

1) UR NEXT – Now that’s just wrong. Imagine driving down the street and coming up behind that. Ooooh, spooky…

Kars4Kids urnext hearse
Image credit reddit user anthonymccue

2) T DIE 4 – Well, yeah… Guess it is to die for.

Kars4Kids tdie4 hearse
Image Credit John Williams

3) NDERTKER – This hearse actually looks quite grim like it’s name doesn’t it?

Kars4Kids ndertaker-hearse
Image Credit Autoblog

4) MISERY – Look at those spooky red curtains, brrrr…

Kars4Kids misery-hearse
Image credit mollyeh11

5) LST RDE – Who can say no to one final ride in a beautiful classic like this one with really cool zebra print screens.

Kars4Kids lstrde-hearse
Image credit Confessions of a funeral director

6) ITS OVER – Yes it is, but must you rub it in?

Kars4Kids itsover-hearse
Image credit Confessions of a funeral director

7) EXPIRED – Lovin those rockin’ tail wings!

Kars4Kids Expired-hearse
Image credit Hooniverse

8) YULBNEXT – This is epic! And the dangling arm is quite a nice touch.

Kars4Kids yulbnext-hearse
Image credit Lawrence H. Lund

Well that wraps it up, what is the best license plate you can dream up for a hearse?


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