Millionaire Without A Will Was A Kars4Kids Donor

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The world is abuzz with the story of deceased millionaire Roman Blum who passed away last year leaving his $40 million estate to… no one.

The unclaimed estate is the largest in New York history and is in danger of passing into the state’s ownership if no relatives are identified.

At Kars4Kids, this story made headlines for a different reason. We were shockled to discover that Roman Blum actually donated a car to us a few years ago!

The Mercury Sable with a vinyl top is still in use by Kars4Kids today, and has indirectly benefited the thousands of families and their children that Kars4Kids assists.

Seems like Mr. Roman may have been a very charitable man. We’d like to think he would have considered the children we help if he would have had a chance to write that will.

More interesting cars and the stories behind them can be found on the Kars4Kids Garage.


Author: Kars4kids

Kars4Kids started as a local charity and has grown into a nationwide force for good. Our programs include afterschool and extracurricular programs, summer camps, tuition and school placement help and mentorship programs. With our year-round and all-inclusive approach, we aim to develop the complete child.

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