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Sensory Play: It’s Summer!

Sensory play is about playing games that stimulate the senses. Children use their senses to understand the world they live in. Sight, smell, hearing, touch, and taste offer different ways for children to experience

3 Cool Kid-Friendly Treats to Make and Eat

It’s summer, the kids are home, and they are BORED STIFF. A month ago you had all these amazing resolutions of all the things you’d do together, the quality time you’d have, the bonding,

Hot Salsa: Hot Holiday Salsa, That Is

Hot salsa on your holiday table? Why not? It goes great on potato latkes, is red and green, and offers colorful fresh low-calorie flavor to perk up just about any food you can name.

Microwave Baked Apples: The Autumn Comfort food

Autumn comfort food, can you picture it, smell it? Another school day has ended and coming home, there’s a chill in the air. The ground is littered with leaves that crunch underfoot and there’s

Food for Thought

Why do we eat the foods we do? And why are some foods elevated to the status of “comfort food?” Have you ever wondered why some of your parent’s and grandparents customs surrounding food live

Kid-Friendly Linguine With No-Cook Pasta Sauce

It’s summer and you know you should do some kind of activity with the kids. But it’s HOT. Sounds like the perfect time to teach the kids how to whip up some kid-friendly linguini