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What is Fifth Disease?

Fifth disease. It’s the common name for a usually minor virus that mostly affects preschool and school-age children aged 5-15 years in the springtime. The medical name for fifth disease is erythema infectiosum and

Yellow Babies? What’s Up With That??

Yellow babies are babies with jaundice. Jaundice occurs when a baby has too much bilirubin. As bilirubin builds up inside the baby’s body, the baby’s skin and even the whites of his or her

Zika Freak Out: Stop it Before it Starts by Avoiding Mosquito Bites

Zika virus freaking you out? It’s no wonder. Because it causes babies to be born with smaller heads. Which is freaky stuff. And of course, the media is all over it, because feeding the

Bonding With Baby: It Isn’t Always Instant

Bonding is the close attachment formed between parents and babies. This close feeling is nature’s way of making sure that parents develop an instinct to care for their young. It is bonding that guarantees

Expectant Moms Turn To Doctor Google

Expectant moms are turning to Doctor Google for advice. That is, they are seeking answers to their questions about pregnancy that they can’t get in the early weeks of their pregnancies. That’s because the

Two Men Go Through Simulated Labor As Their Wives High Five

The pain of childbirth carries with it certain implications. There’s the biblical idea that women experience the pangs of childbirth due to Eve’s sin in tempting Adam to eat from the Tree of Knowledge.