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Wildflower Camp Foundation Helps Families Bloom After Loss

Wildflowers are often the first sign that nature has rebounded after a devastating forest fire. This idea: that beauty can come in the face of devastation,  is the inspiration behind the creation of the

Talking to Kids About the Orlando Pulse Massacre

Talking to kids about the Orlando Pulse Massacre—and yes, that’s what I call it, a massacre—is one of the most difficult things you’ll ever have to do. And talk about it, you will. You’ll

Art Therapy And Your Child

Art therapy is a form of treatment that uses art to help people work out their feelings, and a tool that can help experts diagnose their patients. Children and many adults may find art

Parker Loves Life: A Lesson for the Heart

                                   Parker Loves Life, you can see it right here in this screenshot. It came up in one

Rav Yaakov Don: When Your Child’s Beloved Teacher Is Murdered

It was Thursday evening when I heard the sirens and knew without a doubt that terror had once more struck my community. There’s something about the way sound carries from the highway to my

Drama Therapy and Your Child

Drama therapy is a form of treatment that uses playacting to explore feelings in a safe environment. In drama therapy, participants may use storytelling, improvisation, and performance to solve problems, vent feelings, or work toward