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“I Must Have Cried 1000 Tears”

“I must have cried 1000 tears,” wrote Amanda Coley of her two year-old son Jack’s loving interaction with Snow White at Walt Disney World, this past November. Jack, you see, has autism and doesn’t speak

Eye Focus, Getting Emotional, and Autism

Eye focus and especially eye contact is, for most people, a way of connecting with people. It shows we like the person we’re speaking with. Breaking eye contact, on the other hand, may show we’re

Bullies: The Names They Call Us And How The Hurt Can Change Us

Bullies were a fact of life for me growing up. I was different. I read a lot, I used big words. So I got picked on. This piece is my personal story. Embed from

Body Language Lessons: 4 Most Misread Toddler Signals

Body language could fill in the gaps between what your toddler says and what you actually understand. That is if you understood his body language any better than you understand his attempts at speech.

Lists, Lists, Can We Talk Lists? The Art That Strengthens Memory

Lists are an organized person’s best friend. The act of setting down in writing what you need to buy at the store, or get done in your home, helps you cement these tasks in

Helping my Child Find a Ramp to Reading

When I was a kid, I loved to read! You’d often find me snuggled into a chair with Sweet Valley High, Goosebumps, or the Baby-sitters Club. I knew my kids would be the same!